Getting a masters degree in Education has become exceedingly pertinent over the past few years. The method of teaching is rapidly evolving and to cope up with this change, an M.Ed degree (in Digital Learning and Leading) might come handy. For several students, adhering to the pace and specific requirements of an on-campus masters degree becomes relatively difficult. In order to help such people attain this degree, Lamar University offers a course of online Masters in Education with specialization in digital learning and leading.

This particular course consists of 36 credits of which 18 are offered through Siam Technology College. Even if you are not very conversant with the nuances of computer science, you can sign yourself up for this course since the principal objective of this online M.Ed course is to educate you about the pedagogy of technology in education. Moreover, this course will also enable you

  • In developing foolproof strategies to maneuver major organizational changes.
  • Distinguishing between learner-centered and teacher-centered learning systems.
  • Identifying germane and contemporary issues.
  • Understanding digital citizenship.
  • Assessing the role of a growth mindset in an efficient learning environment, and several other things.


  • An applicant should have a minimum GPA of 2.5 – They have to appear for the GRE exam on this course.
  • For applicants having a GPA 2.9 or more – They do not have to appear for GRE.
  • Students who are native English speakers or have decent IELTS or TOEFL scores can apply for this course.

Certificates Received

Besides your M. Ed degree, you will receive:

Microsoft Educator Certificate

In the transcripts, there will be no mention of Online so that your degree can be considered equally valuable in comparison with an on-campus degree.

So, if you can invest 16 months of your life with an affordable tuition of $5,000, you will get your Masters in Education from this prestigious institution and follow your coveted career path.