With Globalisation almost reaching its peak and new companies coming up across nations, the job prospects of Marketing professionals have increased at an alarming rate. A Bachelor in Business Administration is thus necessary, and a degree from a premium institution has certain perks. We present our Tri- Continent BBA program, in collaboration with three prestigious universities and colleges from three different nations— the US, UK, and Thailand.

This highly affordable degree is a great way of adding professional qualifications to your CV. The course consists of three degrees mainly.

  • A Degree in International Business Management from Siam Technology College
  • A Degree in Intercultural Leadership with a Minor in Business Management from Lamar University (Texas, USA)
  • A Level 5 Diploma in Business Management by NVQ in the United Kingdom

From this course, you will get

  1. All the technical knowledge required for multiple marketing and business applications around the world.
  2. Comprehensive training plans with industry-experienced instructors to guide you along the way.
  3. Campuses with the latest infrastructural resources.
  4. The opportunity to travel across the world and study in three dream destinations.
  5. Get to meet and interact with students from different nations and cultural backgrounds.

We have made sure that our students get a quality education at an affordable rate. Our 3 continent BBA course is available at a significantly less cost than other BBA degrees, being offered by similar institutions worldwide. This gives you the opportunity to train with the best and be proficient in the world of business administration.

The Total Tuition fees amount to $19,978.45 only for the initial BBA course which counts to about $2,497.25 per semester.