Lamar University is one of the leading educational institutions of Beaumont, a city situated in the US state of Texas, where business, culture, and education coexist in perfect harmony. For years, the city of Beaumont has been considered a wellspring of industrial as well as multifarious business opportunities, predominantly because of its petrochemical and agricultural resources. Besides these natural resources, this city is known for producing a huge pool of adept workers to the renowned organizations across the globe.

Among the gamut of courses provided by Lamar University, the in-class MBA course is particularly beneficial for the students seeking lucrative job opportunities in future. The international MBA programs offered by this AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business) accredited university mainly concentrates on the following aspects:

  1. Different perspectives of management
  2. Importance of proper managerial skills in information technology or other innovative fields that are changing inexorably
  3. Important techniques to successfully manage a project
  4. Different aspects of human resource management
  5. Operations management along with modern marketing techniques
  6. Nuances of managerial accounting

On successful completion, the MBA degree holders from this university would be able to pursue plenty of lucrative career opportunities like

  1. Management consultant for multi-national companies
  2. Marketing manager in renowned business organizations
  3. Investment banker
  4. Financial advisors
  5. Operations manager
  6. Information system manager
  7. Consultant in private equity firms
  8. Manager in companies dealing with Data Analytics

Besides these, an international MBA degree can be extremely helpful for entrepreneurship as the entrepreneur would be conversant with the current market scenarios and other related aspects. To sum things up, this in-class MBA degree course of 5 and a half years offered by Lamar University at an affordable amount of $22,500 (in Texas) or $ 15,000 (in Thailand) can provide you the gateway to a prosperous future.