TESOL or Teach English to Speakers of Other Language is a professional certification course for teachers of English as a second or foreign language. Introduced in 1966, it has evolved over the years to become one of the most popular certification programs.

Our Work and Study Bachelors program in TESOL offers individuals the chance to learn and work at the same time. This program is extremely lucrative for aspirants seeking a bachelors degree at an affordable price. Online teaching is an extremely worthwhile field as the demand for native speakers is rapidly increasing. Students who pair this course with our Tri-continent degree program can enjoy numerous benefits as the teaching world requires a lot of native English speakers.

So How To Go About It?

As an applicant, you need to film a short video (2 to 3 minutes in length) answering the questions to our preset interview questions. Some of these questions include:

  1. Why are you interested in online English Teaching? (reason or purpose)
  2. What are your expectations from this profession?
  3. What age group do you think you’re most comfortable teaching to?

What do you get from the course?

  1. The opportunity to earn experience as well as remuneration while getting a degree.
  2. Gaining industry experience before applying for job posts worldwide.
  3. Carefully throughout lesson plans for students to balance both their work and studies.

Send your video application to our email for assessment.

Once you have sent your application, we will forward the video to prospective online schools that have provisions for native English Speaking Instructors.