Acquiring a Masters Degree in International Education

The traditional methods of teaching are rapidly changing with the implementation of new technologies. Consequently, the need of professionals with specialization in IT and international education is also increasing. Under the circumstances, masters degree in international education has become one of the most sought-after qualifications in the domain of education.

Lamar University offers an online post graduation course in digital learning and leading to the candidates willing to pursue a career in this field. The principal goal of this course is to enable the future educators to lead various organizations to cope up with the ever-changing teaching methodologies in modern classrooms.

By taking this course, the applicants will be able to educate themselves in

  1. Developing strategies to successfully handle tricky situations in an organization
  2. Spot the difference between learner-centered and teacher-centered environment and take necessary actions accordingly.
  3. Comprehending the nuances of digital citizenship.
  4. Figuring out the role of a growth mindset and its efficiency in certain learning environments.
  5. Identifying issues vis-à-vis both global and local context and explaining their relevance.
  6. Comparing and contrasting theories and methods related to digital learning and teaching.
  7. Constructing learning objectives, assessment tests, and various other learning activities based on the feedback from the students.

The entire course consists of 36 credits among which 18 will be rewarded by Siam Technology College and on completion; the degree holders would receive a Microsoft Educator Certificate as well.

The course will last for nearly 16 months and the tuition fee is also an affordable amount of $5000.

Students who completed their graduation with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and appeared for GRE can apply for this course. Those who didn’t appear in GRE would need a minimum GPA of 2.9.

If you fulfill these above criteria and are willing to pursue a career in education, this post graduation course offered by Lamar University is the answer you are looking for.