The Bachelor of Arts degree in TESOL has been a preferred module in our curriculum for over five years now, which was conducted in class for students on the SIAM technology campus. Due to the growing demand for English teaching professionals with a TESOL background, we have decided to make our course flexible, allowing students to attend some classes while completing the other modules online. This degree is issued and received from SIAM Technology College while blended degrees with both in-class and online modules are issued by the European Global School of Paris.

What You Get from This Degree

  1. Through a BA TESOL Program, students will earn an internationally recognized BA degree in TESOL
  2. Included with the main degree are Diplomas in TESOL Methodology, Acquisition, Phonology, Morphology and Syntax.
  3. Registration of a full year of classes comes with a possible one year visa.

Fall Semester: August to December

  • Teaching Reading
  • Information Technology in the Digital Age
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • English II (APA)
  • English Grammar
  • Classroom Management
  • Teaching Listening and Speaking
  • English Language Teaching Methodology
  • Internship
  • Teaching Writing

Tuition Information

  • An Upfront registration fee of 5000 Baht, payable annually.
  • Administration fees of 5000 baht per year.

The course consists of 120 credits, priced at 1000 baht per credit.

Accreditation and Prospects

All degrees offered by us from the SIAM Technology College are accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education and Council of Higher Education, which is registered with the UNESCO. Thus the degree has a worldwide legitimacy.