Obtaining a TESOL degree by studying in Thailand creates the opportunity to get acquainted with the existing lingua franca and pursue lucrative job opportunities in future. Proficiency in English helps a person get employment in reputed companies across the globe. As a result, there is a constant demand for certified English teachers in this country. If you have acquired a TESOL bachelor degree there are plenty of job opportunities that you can pursue in this country and have a secure life.

Besides settling permanently in Thailand as a respectable teacher, these job opportunities can also act as a stepping stone in your career for a brighter future elsewhere.

Benefits of Studying TESOL and in Thailand:

  1. Numerous options: With a steady demand for the teachers in this particular language, you can have multifarious job opportunities that can provide you job satisfaction. With a valid TESOL certificate, getting jobs in easier in this country compared to others.
  2. Low cost of living: In comparison with other countries, Thailand is a fairly affordable place to live. Therefore, on completion of the course, you will be able to spend your days affluently as an English teacher.

Lucrative Job Opportunities:

As a BA degree holder in TESOL (Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages), you can pursue your career in the following fields in Thailand:

  1. Government schools: Government schools in Thailand predominantly depend on their vernacular language as the medium of teaching and learning. As a result, there is a strong demand for reputed English teachers with overseas degrees. There are many government schools in Thailand nowadays running several English language programs to enhance the English speaking ability of their students. Such programs can be considered perfect job opportunities for TESOL teachers.
  2. Private and international schools: Private and international schools in Thailand emphasize on English speaking and learning. As a result, these schools provide a wellspring of job opportunities to those who have a BA degree in TESOL.
  3. Colleges and universities: You can also get a respectable as well as a lucrative job in higher educational institutions like colleges and universities. There, you would be able to teach the students to develop an effective communication skill for cracking interviews.

Besides these, providing private tuition in English is also a lucrative job opportunity in this country.

Things to Consider while Teaching English in Thailand:

  1. Speaking Thai: As an English teacher, you are supposed to speak in English all the time with your students. However, the grasping ability of every student would be different and to ensure everyone assimilates your lesson completely, you can consider learning Thai to eliminate any communication gap.
  2. Embracing the culture and etiquette: If you can acclimatize yourself properly with the Thai lifestyle and possess thorough knowledge about their festivals, social etiquettes, and culture, the process of teaching would become easier and your students will be able to relate themselves with your teaching technique.

In conclusion, it can be certainly inferred that if you are willing to get a BA in TESOL and subsequently pursue a career as an English teacher, Thailand is the country you should choose.